Canadian Student Visas

With a countless variety in academia, ranging from the arts to the sciences, Canada has always been a popular destination for those seeking further education.

Canadian Immigration is amongst the most complex in the world – let your studies be the only thing you have to worry about.

Canadian Student Visas Explained

At the moment, Canadian Student Visas can be applied for either online or by using a more traditional paper submission.

Whichever the way, the requirements are the same – the most crucial document being a Letter of Acceptance from a legitimate Canadian educational institution.

When you Visa is issued, you will notice that it is set to expire 90 days after the completion date of your course. If your course ends early, your leave will be curtailed and the 90 days will take effect.

Spouses/Partners/Children can join you and the Applications can be submitted at the same time, however, please bear in mind that they will have to provide their own separate sets of paperwork.

Holders of Canadian Student Visas are eligible to undertake work, but a separate permit is required – you can apply for this before or after you arrive in Canada, as long as the employment undertaken is legitimate.

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