US Student Visa

With nearly half of the world’s top 100 universities located in the USA, there really is no limit for choice and achievement for dedicated, driven students.

Preparing for and engaging in further education is a huge step for anyone. Do not let visa complications stand in your way.

The Two US Student Categories Explained

F-1 Visa – by far the most common and popular student visa for America. This covers all full-time study which leads to a Degree, and is academic in nature. This visa would permit you to work for 20 hours inside term time, 40 hours outside – please note that there are restrictions on exactly where you can work and this would have to be clarified with your chosen university.

M-1 Visa – this visa is designed for full-time vocational study at an educational institution. The main distinction between this visa and the F-1 is that the M-1 will not lead to a degree. Unlike the F-1, this visa does not permit work to be undertaken at all – the only exception to this are limited hours in an employment relevant to your study after it has concluded.

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