Canadian Spouse/Partner Visas

With its promise of a sophisticated metropolitan lifestyle and vast stretches of unrivalled rural beauty, it is difficult to imagine a more ideal place to settle down and start a family than Canada.

The Canadian Government has made provisions for both those who are already married or in a civil partnership and for fiancé(e)s/proposed civil partners to travel to Canada and take up residence.

Canadian Immigration is amongst the most complex in the world – don’t let paperwork get between you and your loved ones!

Types of Spouse/Partner/Fiancé(e) and Proposed Civil Partner Visas for Canada

To understand Canadian Spouse/Partner Visas, you must first understand the three categories considered:

Spouse – Someone to whom you are legally married

Common-Law Partner – Someone to whom you have been living with for at least one year within Canada

Conjugal Partner -Someone to whom you have a genuine and binding relationship to for at least one year who is outside Canada

As such, you can see that there is a distinction made for those who are outside and those inside of Canada – it is worth noting that this covers Same-Sex Marriages and Relationships also.

Regardless of the type of Application made, the Canadian resident with whom you intend to join must be in a position to sponsor you – there are certain financial criteria that they must meet, including Minimum Necessary Income (MNI).

The requirements for all types of relationship are covered by different checklists, however, they all share a common Application Form – IMM 0008.

It is a case of following the suitable checklist, completing the Application Form and making the suitable submission.

Not all Spouse/Partner Visas permit the foreign national to work in Canada upon entry.


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