Case Details

Canadian Spouse/ Partner Visas

Client: Marcelle & Anthony
Visa: Spouse Visa
Location: UK

Marcelle came to us looking to secure a Spouse Visa for her husband, Anthony, to come and live with her in Canada. They had been married for 4 years, but due to their jobs and the relatively relaxed rules for visiting one another’s country, they managed to see each other quite often in an arrangement they were quite happy with. However, after deciding to spend more of their time together Anthony planned to quit his job and move to Canada to join his wife. As they had been entering as Visitors for some time, they found the rules for Spouse Visas very complicated and wishing to dedicate their time getting other affairs in order they wanted someone to take ownership of their Application. Our legal experts assisted with their visa application from the initial phases right through to seeing the case to a fruitful and successful conclusion.

  • 1Gave Initial Advice

  • 2Prepared Supporting Documents

  • 3Submitted Spouse Visa Application

  • 4Supported & Answered Questions

How did we help?

We assisted with the initial application, giving advice in the first instance and following it up with a series of appointments to ensure that all the relevant documentation and supporting evidence was present and in the correct format.

We outlined the process from beginning to end – detailing how Marcelle would have to act as a sponsor and how she could demonstrate the minimum income threshold that would permit Anthony to join her.

They were concerned that their long travel history when visiting each other would be held against them – on the contrary, our Lawyer used the associated evidence to build a picture of a completely genuine and subsisting relationship between the two.

Throughout the process, Marcelle & Anthony had direct access to a dedicated online portal and specialist solicitor to answer any questions or offer relevant, expert legal advice.

  • Met or exceeded the minimum necessary income (MNI)
  • Satisfied relationship requirement
  • Complete ownership of the Application process
  • Submitted the relevant paperwork, on time and in order