Case Details

Canadian Student Visas

Client: Barbara
Visa: Student Visa
Location: UK

Barbara is just about to finish Secondary School and, pending her exam results, is set to receive a substantial scholarship to study in Canada. Uncertain on how to proceed, she reached out to us to outline the requirements and anything that she can do before her results come in. Our legal experts assisted with their visa application from the initial phases right through to seeing the case to a fruitful and successful conclusion.

  • 1Gave Initial Advice

  • 2Prepared Supporting Documents

  • 3Submitted Student Visa Application

  • 4Supported & Answered Questions

How did we help?

We informed Barbara that, as part of the application process, she will need a Letter of Acceptance from the Canadian educational institution she was to join. Unsure of this, and to save her time, we acted on her behalf to contact the University to clarify when this would be put in place and how much notice they would require to ensure Barbara can enter Canada with sufficient time before her studies.

With our help, the Letter of Acceptance was issued without delay upon the arrival of Barbara’s exam results and the Application was submitted without delay.

We assisted with the initial application, giving advice in the first instance and following it up with a series of appointments to ensure that all the relevant documentation and supporting evidence was present and in the correct format.

Throughout the process, Barbara had direct access to a dedicated and specialist solicitor to answer any questions or offer relevant, expert legal advice.

  • Thorough assurance of requirements
  • Clear plan of action
  • Dedicated Legal Representation
  • Submitted the relevant paperwork, on time and in order