The Warrior King, the Golden Coast no matter its name, Ghana inspires patriotism, love and energy. The first country in Africa to declare independence, Ghana has been beset upon by hard times but as the Ghanaian citizens enduring positivity. Ghana is a prosperous nation filled with a legacy of cultural excellence that’s felt around the world. With Hollywood actor Idris Elba and Vogue editor Edward Enninful both of Ghanaian descent, the effect of Ghana is felt on a global scale.

The affluent country itself is a rich and culturally diverse landscape that has inspired some of Africa’s greatest literature and art. The Cape coast dubbed the crown jewel and the museums in Accra it’s easy to see why so many people come to Ghana year after year.

UK Travel Warning

Around 90,000 British nationals visit Ghana every year. While most visits are trouble-free, there has been a recent increase in petty street crime; violent crime can occur at any time. Be particularly vigilant in public areas, and take care when travelling by road.

Ghana Visa Process

Application forms for Ghanaian visas are available at the Ghana Embassy in London. The processing time for a Ghanaian visa from the UK can be as long as two weeks with additional payment being required to fast track the process. As there are many more requirements for visiting Ghana as opposed to Europe, many first-time visitors experience some difficulties filling out the visa form and/or organising the details needed to travel to Ghana. The Ghanaian Embassy in London is by appointment only, so it’s wise to book well in advance to avoid disappointment and plan your journey to the central London embassy as well.

Ghana Tourist Visa

Ghana is ranked as the second safest country in Africa and it’s a popular destination for family holidays. Festivals are popular events such as the Damba and Volo attract thousands of visitors every year due to celebrations uniquely Ghanaian style of partying. And many people are attracted to the country due to the advances in eco-tourism in the country including the wildlife park reservations. If you’re planning a Ghanaian adventure it’s important to start the process for obtaining your tourist visa for Ghana.

Tourist Visa Requirements:

  • Application form
  • Valid passport with blank pages for the visa
  • Passport photographs
  • Proof you will be returning home either round trip plane tickets or proof you’re moving on to a different location
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate
  • Copy of hotel confirmation

Requirements for children

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, a child under the age of sixteen travelling to Ghana will need to supply a copy of their birth certificate, the signed consent of both parents and a copy of both parent’s identification to prove this. The child needs to also be supplied with the original letter of consent (original with signatures) that details the child’s trip and who they are travelling with.

In the case, the child’s parents aren’t the child’s guardian they will need to supply a sworn affidavit of guardianship/ or original court order in the case of sole guardianship.

Ghana Business Visa

Ghana has a diversified economic base that including natural resources, manufacturing and exportation making it the fastest growing economy in the world. With one of the highest GDP’s in West Africa Ghana is making strides to becoming a global power-player by 2020. For those interested in visiting Ghana in a business or an investment capacity needs to arrange meetings in the country prior to applying for the visa and allow for processing times.

Business Visa Requirements:

  • Completed Application form
  • Passport with six months of validity and at least one blank visa page
  • 2 passport photographs with white background
  • Copy of travel plans
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate
  • UK Business Letter
    • Clearly states intention of business
    • Guarantees the visa applicants
  • Business Invitation
    • Must have company header
    • Addressed to the Ghanaian Embassy
    • States the intention of business and visa request

Ghana Journalist Visa

This visa was created for professional Journalists visiting Ghana on business. This visa also covers professional film crews, photographers, travel writers and cartoonists from foreign organisations looking to come to Ghana usually for a period of around three months. Usually taking around ten days to process and the Journalist will be given proper accreditation at the Information Services Department.

Journalist Visa Requirements

  • An itinerary for your trip including return travel and where you’ll be staying
  • Visa application form
  • Letter of invitation from sponsor company or individual
  • Press Accreditation
  • List of equipment
  • Proof of Academic Qualification