Anyone who is not a citizen of Canada or Bermuda, and isn’t eligible for the Visa Waiver Program will need a visa to visit or live in America. The variety of visa categories for the USA is almost as vast as the scenery between states, and the type of visa you need to live, work, study or travel in America will ultimately depend upon what the purpose of your trip is, as well as what the intended length of stay is likely to be.

Visas for America are split out into Immigrant Visas, and Non-Immigrant Visas. Non-Immigrant visas include the following:

  • Tourist and visitor visas
  • Business visas
  • Temporary employment visas
  • Treaty Trader or Treaty Investor visas
  • Study and exchange program visas
  • Diplomats & government official visas

The purpose of Non-Immigrant visas is to make the USA accessible to those who would like to enter and stay in the United States on a shorter term basis, where any intention to live there is not likely to be for an extended period of time.

Immigrant visas, however, are for those looking to make their move to America more permanent, perhaps to join relatives or a spouse. Typical visas in this section are:

  • Family immigration visas
  • Fiance(e) visas
  • Employment visas
  • Special immigrant visas
  • Returning resident visas
  • Diversity visa lottery

Under each category of visa, there are multiple types of specific visa which are tailored to a wide variety of situations and circumstances. Which one you should apply for will depend entirely on your individual situation. In order to ensure you’re applying for the correct American visa from the outset, it’s best to take professional advice as mistakes with a US visa application can be costly in both money and time. Occasionally, if you submit an unsuccessful visa application, it can also prevent future applications from being approved, depending on the reason for rejection.

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