At James Freeman, we’re here to help you achieve your dream of moving abroad to Australia, Canada or the UK. As renowned leaders in the UK immigration sector, our sister company the Immigration Advice Service have thorough and extensive knowledge of the process and everything involved in your move and, drawing on their experience, we’re here to help you.

Moving to Australia

With a notoriously strict immigration policy, Australia’s visa process can be difficult for the layman to navigate. Let our experts help you to a successful outcome.

Moving to Canada

As one of the most picturesque countries in the world, Canada is proving a popular destination for those relocating from the UK. Our solicitors are well versed in the process of obtaining a Canadian visa.

Moving to America

With so many states to choose from, the USA offers such variety for those looking to move there, and the visa process is also as diverse as the country itself! Our lawyers can help you make sense of your application.

Our highly experienced sister company, the Immigration Advice Service, can also guide you through the process of moving to the UK.


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James Freeman was set up to help anyone looking to make a move abroad. In the same way that the Immigration Advice Service helps those coming into the UK, James Freeman aims to help those relocating from the UK to Canada, Australia or America using dedicated, specialist legal partners in each location. The service is based in the UK in order to provide a timely service with no delays due to the time difference between the UK and the country you’re looking to relocate to.

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Moving to Australia

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Moving to Canada

Read more about our visa services for moving to Canada.

Moving to America

Read more about our visa services for moving to America.