Moving to Canada - James Freeman Emigration

Canada has been named near the top of the Better Life Index list numerous times in the past few years, peaking at second place in 2011. With such a high quality of life there, amongst beautiful, picturesque surroundings, its no wonder that many foreign nationals are moving to Canada each year. The laid back lifestyle, thriving economy and awesomely diverse range of places to live make it a natural choice for both nature lovers and city dwellers alike. Before upping and moving your life abroad, you will need to consider the legalities involved, as well as the logistics. There are many different visa options for Canada and the type you need to apply for will depend on your circumstances, needs, and the reason for your move.

As one of the largest countries in the world at over 9,900 kilometres squared, it is easy to see why Canada has such a varying landscape from one area to the next, meaning it appeals to nature lovers, those who prefer big city life, and everyone in between with a range of luscious countryside locations, bustling major cities and picture perfect suburbs. It is for that exact reason that when considering your move, you will also need to think very carefully about where in Canada it is that you want to relocate to. From the breathtaking scenery of the countryside to the clean and vibrant metropolis of the cities, Canada really is a true case of ‘something for everyone’. Whilst many people originally or primarily relocate to Canada for work related reasons, lifestyle factors are certainly a plus point of moving there, with an excellent educational system and much more spacious houses than in the UK, resulting in more property for your money as well as, arguably, better academic prospects for your children.

James Freeman are specialists in the process of emigrating to Canada and our solicitors have a vast amount of experience in all of the necessary legalities. We can help take any legal headaches away during an already stressful time, leaving you to concentrate on and get excited about the pleasantries involved in your move.