Catching a Flight This Winter? Read These Top Tips

If you are planning on flying this winter it is vital that you know all of your options and how to be best prepared. Winter weather often comes with flight delays and cancellations, leading to trips becoming longer and more stressful.  If you have a flight booked for this winter …

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Updated Security Measures for US Bound Flights

With the intention of allowing all of our clients emigrating to America to do so with ease, and without facing problems – Here at James Freeman we aim to provide as much new and up-to-date information as possible. With security measures for US bound flights recently changing; today we are …

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We Are Now Assisting with Visas for Nigeria

In recent efforts to assist more people with their visa needs than ever before, here at James Freeman we have now extended our services to cover Nigeria – providing professional assistance to those looking to obtain visas for Nigeria, taking stress away from people and allowing for them to …

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Looking for a Visa for Ghana? We Can Now Assist You

Here at James Freeman as many of our clients already know, we always strive to help as many people as possible in terms of emigration and relocation, this is why we have recently extended our services to cover Ghana – Now holding all of the knowledge and tools required to …

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Becoming an Australian Citizen

Becoming an Australia citizen - happy settlers

Becoming an Australian citizen is making an ongoing commitment to Australia and all that Australia stands for. It’s the start of a formal membership of the Australian community and lets people shout “I AM AUSTRALIAN”.…

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Extending Your Stay in Australia

Extending your stay on Australia - Australian Flag

If you’re currently in Australia it is imperative that you hold a valid visa for the full duration of your stay – complying with visa conditions impeccably. You must depart from Australia no later than the day of which your visa expires, and if you don’t there will be consequences.…

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Moving to Canada: Improving your English and French

Canada: Improve your french and english

There are two official languages in Canada – English, and French. English is the most commonly spoken language across Canada and French is the main language spoken in Quebec and in some areas of Ontario, New Brunswick, and Manitoba. Canada offers all official federal government services, publications and documents in …

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Applying for a New Temporary Resident Visa from within Canada

Did you know that temporary residents in Canada which hold valid status, having a valid study or work permit, are able to apply for new temporary resident visas to return to Canada before they even leave the country?…

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Visas for Studying in the US

visas studying US - Graduates

Generally speaking those seeking to study in the United States require one of two visas – The F-1 or the M-1. Which visa you will need depends on whether the study you are wishing to participate in is academic or vocational. Keep on reading to discover the difference.…

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How to Apply for a Tourism & Visitor Visa for America

America - Emigration Lawyers

B-2 visitor visas are non-immigrant visas available for people wanting to travel to the United Stated on a temporary basis for tourism reasons or pleasure. But how can you apply for one of these visas? Keep on reading to find out……

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