As with the number of general visa categories for moving to Australia, there are also a number of visa types for visiting the land down under.

  • Visitor visa
  • Electronic Travel Authority
  • eVisitor visa
  • Medical Treatment visa

Visitor Visa

This visa lets you travel to Australia to go on holiday or visit family and friends in Australia, study in Australia for a maximum of 3 months, or engage in business activities in Australia for a short space of time. There are, however, limitations on the use of a visitor visa to conduct business in Australia, which should be discussed with a professional immigration advisor.

Electronic Travel Authority

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa type lets you enter Australia as many times as you want for up to three months at a time for the purposes of either tourism or engaging in business activities as a visitor only (not on a permanent basis).


An eVisitor visa for Australia is for people who hold passports from specified countries and are looking to visit for the purposes of tourism, visiting family or friends living in Australia, or engaging in business visitor activities.

Medical Treatment visa

The Medical Treatment visa, predictably, is for the provision of those who are visiting to obtain medical treatment in Australia.