Moving to Australia - James Freeman Emigration

If you’re thinking about emigrating to Australia from the UK, there are a whole host of considerations that you’ll need to weigh up before making that final, all-important decision to take the leap and apply for your Australian visa.

Australia is one of the most popular destinations in the world for both holidays, and those seeking warmer climes on a more permanent basis, and it’s really not difficult to see why. Australia is known worldwide for it’s year round sunshine and laid-back way of life, as well as having some of the most incredible beaches and other natural wonders on earth. The whole lifestyle experienced by Australians as well as expats is enough to make even the most adamant home-bird tempted to emigrate.

As if the climate and lifestyle weren’t enough, Australia also has one of the best economies in the world and is one of the most developed nations. This means that, regardless of the nature of your career, jobs there are usually hot property due to the ever expanding private sector, as well as a shortage of some skills in the public sector meaning many jobs are much better paid. Many Brits are flocking to Australia to experience the kind of career progression they could only dream of in the UK. If you have children, one of your most important considerations is probably their education. It will, then, excite you to know that Australia has an exceptional education system that has been ranked as the best in the world (alongside Finland). This level of education, combined with the career opportunities offered in Australia, mean your children will have a world of opportunity ahead of them should you choose to emigrate.

Although deciding on moving to Australia might be as easy as looking at the weather forecast, the immigration rules for Australia are notoriously strict, so actually making the move is decidedly more difficult. Unfortunately for many, the Australian government’s criteria for visa eligibility are fairly stringent, with many Brits being turned down for visas each year. Eligibility requirements usually centre on skills that are currently in demand in Australia, or whether or not you have relatives who are either Australian nationals or are already residing there. Although these are considered two of the most important factors in getting a visa for Australia, there are still other criteria that you can satisfy to be eligible, although they are usually more difficult and time consuming.

The advisors at James Freeman are experts in emigrating to Australia from the UK and we can help you determine whether you are eligible for the required visas, as well as assisting you through the visa application process.