The chance to live in American Dream is something that migrants from Britain have been chasing for over 200 years. The land of the free still holds its appeal today, offering a change in lifestyle and many different career opportunities for those willing to take the plunge by moving to America. Each of the 50 states has a different appeal, from the cultural epicentre of New York to the glamour of California and the bold, brash swagger of Texas. The vast country offers a range of climates to suit every taste and personality.

A change in climate is also a draw for many people hoping to escape the monotony of British weather. From the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico to the tropical everglades of Florida and even the mild and familiar seasons of New England and the North East coast. Foodies can also delight at the regional cuisine on offer, including Creole-inspired dishes in the south and New York’s melting pot of immigrant fare. Aside from the cultural appeal, people are also draw to the opportunity to enjoy more living space, as your money will go much further purchasing or renting real estate in the United States than it will in the UK.

There are several routes available to those moving to America, including employee-sponsored visas, study routes and entrepreneur visas. American visas are notoriously difficult to obtain, which is why it is important to ensure you are on the right track from the start to avoid applying for the wrong option. Some people may be able to apply through family ties, as the fiance(e) or spouse of an American citizen, or through temporary employment opportunities. If you want to discuss your options for moving to America, get in touch with one of our advisors today.